My Favorite Foreign Leader (According to My Focus Group)

It’s actually a tough question. Most answers will delight some people and horrify others. I had to think for a few minutes, and conduct some polls, before coming up with the optimum answer.

Aung San Suu Kyi

She has it all going on for her:

  1. The “wow, he knows his stuff” factor.

    Because not everyone has heard of her, and those who haven’t will probably tune out at this point. Safe, offended no one.

  2. The woman factor.


  3. The bravery factor.

    Standing up to dictatorship is cool, and appeals to the rebellious instincts of the youths.

  4. The democracy factor.

    Because everyone loves freedom.

  5. Also Nobel Prize.

    For what it’s worth.

Jonathan/Suu Kyi 2016


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Foreign Leader (According to My Focus Group)

  1. Why, if she is your favorite, do you not give context to the country she now represents and the immense change that has come to Myanmar due very much in part to her efforts and voice? Why is this one of, if not the shortest post in your blog? With so much time given to other politics I would be more interested in hearing you write about this more positive example.


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