By Jonathan McGeachen

While buying tires today, I had to sit in a waiting room with the news on TV, and it reminded me why I don’t watch TV news. Turns out the world is on the brink of thermonuclear war! I even had a brief discussion with the tire guy about it. Don’t head down to your bunkers just yet.

1.) The news is turning the rhetoric up to 11, but still talking about other things.

What would be more urgent: thermonuclear war, the Facebook killer guy, or the potential ramifications of the congressional special election in Georgia? Listening to CNN, you’d think they were roughly equal. If they actually thought something was going down, they wouldn’t be talking about anything else.

2.) They sent Pence to the DMZ.

Can you imagine if North Korea killed the Vice President of the US with its opening salvo? If that idea brings you joy, please set aside your feelings about this specific one. This is a huge calling-out of the Kim regime.

3.) North Korea is completely full of it.

I mean seriously, have you been paying attention for the past 20 years? Every week there’s a new, creatively-worded threat.

4.) They’re not ready to substantially hit the mainland U.S.

Foreign Policy had a handy infographic:


This was as of a month ago, but only so much can change in that time. The way a war would play out is: they hit a couple US targets, maybe, and then they get glassed (I love that verb).


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